“I’m passionate about a lot of things, but no matter what I do in my life, AVIATION will always be a part of what defines me.”

Student Pilot

During the last several years, I’ve surrounded myself with people who are as passionate about aviation as I am. I’ve studied hard in school, striving for excellence in my academics, and supported my community through service activities.


From flight training to employment, I’m always working on improving my skills.

Clubs & Activities

Being actively involved in community service and clubs, especially aviation-related, has shaped who I am and encouraged my passion for flying.


Whether it’s powered flight, glider training, RC aircraft, or even that time I won a national contest and toured Southwest’s training facility… follow my journey here!


I am a student at Utah State University, Class of 2024, Aviation program for Fixed Wing Professional Pilot.

Class of 2020 Graduate
Tech Valley High School in Albany, NY.